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Terms and conditions Manulife iFUNDS

I. Services of Manulife iFunds

  1. Manulife iFUNDS is an internet/worldwide web and mobile based services provided for the investors of PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia (MAMI) to register and change account, to subscribe, switch and redeem Reksa Dana Manulife as well as to get the most recent information on the investment portfolio being placed in Reksa Dana Manulife (“Service”). 
  2. Reksa Dana Manulife are mutual funds issued and managed by MAMI, which have the online transaction features as may be offered on the Manulife iFUNDS site or application.
  3. Reksa Dana Manulife are investment products which issued under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia and not meant to be offered to parties outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia where under such jurisdiction, MAMI or Reksa Dana Manulife are mandatory to register. Therefore, the investor must ensure that he/she is not a party who, based on the regulation where he/she is subject to, is prohibited from investing in Reksa Dana Manulife.
  4. As the investor and as long as you are using this Service, the investor confirms that he/she has read all the provisions which are applicable for the use of this Service.
  5. The information provided in this Service shall not replace the official document which under the regulation must be provided for the investors especially with respect to product offering. Investors remain required to read the prospectus and fund factsheet.
  6. The data and/or information with respect to investors’ holding made available by this Service is for references only. The investors are suggested to refer to reports of the Custodian Bank which are accessible through AKSes for valid data and/or information on his/her investment holding.

II. Access and Use of Services

  1. Each investor who is a user of the Service is solely responsible for the user ID and/or password provided by Manulife iFUNDS as mechanism to identify the investor. Verification of the user ID and/or password to access the Service is a process which must be carried by MAMI to ensure the security of transactions done through Manulife iFUNDS. 
  2. Currency, interest rate, price and other information provided by MAMI, if any, is only for reference purposes. Investors are suggested to always verify such information with other reliable sources.
  3. Speed and successfulness to access the Service is very dependent upon hardware, network and other facilities being used by the investor and those are beyond the responsibilities of MAMI.

III. Username and Password

  1. User ID and/or password are identification items which declare that a party accessing and using the Service is legitimate. Therefore, the investor is responsible for the security of his/her User ID and password. 
  2. The creation, change, or verification of User ID and/or password will follow the procedure as sets out in each stage of the process done by the investor. By giving consent during each stage that requires approval, the investor is responsible for any consequences arising from such stage of process.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities of the Investor

  1. Investor is responsible for the use of User ID and/or password being used to access or to proceed with the transactions done through the Service. 
  2. Investor agrees to guarantee that all data and/or information provided to MAMI is accurate, complete, lawful and recent.
  3. Investor is solely responsible for the use of his/her account, and the reliability and security of the hardware, network and other facilities which may be required by investor to do transactions in Manulife iFUNDS.

V. Duties and Responsibilities of MAMI

  1. MAMI is responsible to provide the Service which are designed to comply with the prevailing regulations and requirements commonly used and implemented in the internet/worldwide web-based services of the financial industry. 
  2. MAMI is responsible to ensure that the Service shall always be available for use, however whenever the Service is not working due to reasons beyond the control of MAMI, investors still can get the Service through the Customer Services or representatives of MAMI.
  3. MAMI is also responsible to keep confidential all information and data of that provided by the investor for obtaining the Service.